General Information

State Name: Federation of Malaysia.

Political system: constitutional monarchy form.

Capital: Kuala Lumpur.

Administrative capital: Putrajaya.

Official Language: Malay (Bahasa).

Other common languages: English is widely used in addition to Chinese language and Hindi.

Religion: Islam is the official religion of the state, the constitution provides freedom of worship of other religions in the country, such as Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and others.

Geographical location: Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia, bordered to the north by Thailand, Singapore to the South, South China Sea and the Philippines to the east, Indonesia to the West.

Area: 329,750 square kilometers.

Population: 30 million.

Climate: The climate in Malaysia is characterized by being a tropical climate, it is rainy throughout the year with a high humidity, temperatures ranging between 28-33 degrees Celsius all year round.

Currency: Ringgit. (Each worth US $ 3.00- 3.30) according to daily rates issued by the Central Bank of Malaysia.