Economy and Trade

First: Economy:

1. Malaysia is a modern industrial state pursue a policy of free economy, but where the state plays an important role in strategic planning and follow up of the implementation of economic programs.

2. The Malaysian economy is in third place among Southeast Asian countries after Indonesia and Thailand, and the twenty-ninth place in the world.

Economic indicators in Malaysia for 2013:

  • The growth rate in 2013 : 4.7%
  • The expected growth rate in 2014 : 5.5%
  • Inflation rate of 2.1%
  • GNP of $ 300 billion
  • The annual per capita income of US $ 10 256

3. Trade plays an important role in the Malaysian economy, where Malaysia's exports amounted to 212 billion US dollars.

4. In 1991, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia (1991-2003) declared the vision of Malaysia in 2020, which placed Malaysia to be one of the advanced high-income countries.

5. The current Malaysian government headed by His Excellency Najib Razak developed plans for economic and governmental shift in 2009, which will help in achieving the vision of Malaysia 2020.

Second: Investment:

1. Malaysia recorded a high record in the volume of investments in 2013 amounted to (67.6) billion compared to (52.5) ​​billion dollars for the year 2012.

2. The domestic investment rate of 72.5% of the total approved investments amounted to (49.8) billion while foreign investments amounted to (18.5) billion dollars, which is (27.5%).

3. Malaysia's achievements in the field of investment is a result of the following factors:

  • Modern infrastructure of roads, bridges, airports and ports.
  • Domestic and international electronic communications.
  • Availability of cheap labor.
  • Specialized technical competencies in diverse sectors.
  • Availability of government and private funds.
  • The Malaysia Public Establishment for Industrial Development granting incentives to invest in Malaysia, which are the exemption from income tax and customs taxes, banking facilities and other facilities that encourage foreign investment
  • Economic growth rate maintained reassuring rates, which stood at 4.6% in 2013 and is expected to be 5.5% in 2014.