Culture and Heritage

Malaysia is characterized by the diversity of cultures and heritage, depending on the different races and religions in the community, every one of this races has its independent culture and heritage of self-identity, in the Malaysian National Day celebrations every state organizes a Folklore dance represents the majority of the races that inhabited that state. The Arab culture has a clear impact in Malaysian society  due to the great number of people visiting the holy places, and educational missions in the Arab countries, or for the purposes of tourism or commerce in the Arab countries and Islamic places, in addition to the increasing number of Arabs tourists coming to this country from most of the Arab countries, especially in the last ten years, It has become a prominent presence of Arab restaurants and shops, which has spread not only in Kuala Lumpur but also in other states where there are many Arab tourists.

On the other hand, Malaysia is one of the open countries to other cultures and communities, often hosts different concerts of folk art, making it a target for visits to tourist groups from all the countries of the world in addition to its charming nature in most of the Malaysian states that appeal to foreign visitors .

Malaysian society components

According to race

Malaysian society is composed of three main ethnic groups:

  • Malay: They are the country natives, and make up 60% of the total population.
  • Chinese: They are people who came from China hundreds of years, for the purposes of work and remained there and were considered a part of the Malaysian population under the sultans agreement with Britain as a condition for Malaysia independence, constitute a 23.7% of the total population.
  • Indians: Indians constitute 7% of the total population.

By ethnic religions and beliefs

  • Islamic religion: followed by all Malay, with a population accounted for 60%, in addition to the numbers of Muslims from other ethnic groups such as the Chinese and Indians, who account for 1% of the population of the country and thus the proportion of Muslims in the country to become about 61%. In total 99% of Malaysian are Muslims.
  • Buddhism: followed by 19% of the country's population by Chinese, Indians and others
  • Christianity: followed by 10% of the population by Chinese and Indians
  • Hindu: followed by Tamils ​​ 9% of the country's population.
  • Other local beliefs represent 1%.